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    Has anyone else had problems with the Seidio long-life batteries for the Blackberry 8830? Mine stopped holding a charge after a month or two. Moreover, dealing with the company has been an absolute NIGHTMARE!

    They rarely answer their phones and don't give you direct contact info unless you really press for it. The work abbreviated hours and often don't return calls. In order to have my replacement battery in time for a business trip, they made me purchase a new one (which they say they will refund), and even the second battery was defective! Then they promised to fedex a new battery (my 3rd battery) to me at the hotel I was staying at, but they were too cheap to send it overnight, so it was coming by 2nd day fedex. It never arrived at all. They didn't send a tracking number, nor did they send the return label they'd promised.

    I finally seem to have one battery that works (they sent it by USPS to the wrong address), but I've paid for two batteries and they never sent the return label. Mostly, it has been an utter nightmare to deal with them - I've been at it for nearly 3 weeks now.

    Does anyone know of a better vendor for extended life blackberry batteries?

    Thanks in advance.
    07-20-09 05:45 AM
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    How about this for a wonderful answer from the customer service dept. We will replace your battery, here is an RGA now send it back. Gee, since I don't have any juice in my battery, I recycled it and purchased a new extended life Seidio 1500mAh one. Now 20 days into using that one, it is holding about 2-3 hours of charge. So the folks at Seidio say only when we receive it will we replace. Hmm, folks...we have a problem. No battery means no phone means no connecting with my clients on my business phone. I called Seidio and invited them to send me the replacement and take an amount from my credit card and hold it till they get the defective battery. Any guesses as to their reply? Nope, not our policy! Upon getting this reply I called the seller, Crackberry. Their recommendation.... I have to purchase another one to let Seidio fulfill their obligation. Crackberry will kindly sell me one for about $40.00 plus tax and transport(about $50.00) of which I won't be able to recoup cause it will be used. So now I get to spend about $100.00 to repace a defective battery, have the privilege of owning another standard battery from Crackberry that will go south cause I won't use it or need it again(I hope??). Obviously I see no reason to let Crackberry profit from my misfortune by giving them any additional sales.

    In my business, if the customer has a failed product we add a core charge to the cost of the replacement part and ship it out asap. Upon receipt of the defective part we reimburse that amount. Not rocket science here...just trying to be in tune with customer needs as not every transaction is black and white.

    After many frustrating attempts to get satisfaction, I have sent a last e-mail to Seidio inviting them to remove the reference to Service in Customer Service.

    Am I frustrated, You Bet!!
    07-21-11 01:33 PM