1. Tha Riddler's Avatar
    I figured I wanted to know about some of the sales coming up this weekend and figured we all might. If you have any BB related or BB accessory related Black Friday or Cyber Monday supper sales you know about post em' here so we can all get the best deals this for this year's holiday kick off. I will add some links to specials I know of later as I am at work right now and dont have tons a time. just thought I would get this thread going ASAP before I forget.

    Anyone Know where if any Jawbone Prime's are up for a great black Friday price this weekend?? I was goning to get it last week but figured someone would have it for sale this weekend, Anyone gotta spot?
    11-25-09 02:06 PM
  2. debsbb's Avatar
    This is a year old thread but appropriate to revisit at this point in time. I'd be interested in RELIABLE BF/CM info. Not rumors or speculation ... FACT. Where is the best place to find these upcoming sales for those on VZW?
    11-22-10 01:04 AM