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    Alright, First Post...

    So I have been using my crackberry for around a month now, and recently got the Beyza Case & Seidio Battery Cover. I have the Verizon wireless Blackberry Curve 8330.

    The Beyza Slimline Case

    First impression is that the leather looks nice, but not as nice as I would have liked. But I am sure that once it is properly broken in it wont be as shiny and bright. The Beyza emblem is imprinted on the top cover, and "beyza cases" on the back bottom area. There are no defects in the sticking and the leather is immaculate.

    Since I have not yet broken in the case yet, it is a TIGHT squeeze. The phone barely makes it in or out. But the option to push the phone out from the bottom is a nice addition. No more pulling on the speaker area anymore like the OEM case. You also have the ability to slide out on the top edges. (That would be the headphone jack and speaker volume button) I understand this case is for the 8300 series and the CMDA 8330 is thicker than the GSM counterparts, which would explain the extreme difficulty in removal/entrance for the phone.

    This pouch due to the tight fit is a much better case to place in your pocket. It is much easier to slide out (real leather opposed to vinyl or whatever the OEM case is). Also thus far the phone will not fall out of the case on accident.

    The LED cutout is the reason I purchased this cover, and it doesn't disappoint. It is cut just wide enough for the led to shine on through and let you know when you get an o so important message.

    The interior is a velvet material, with padding on the inside. It is soft and will not leave streaks on your screen as you remove the phone. As of now due to the lack of trackball slide in area the trackball scrolls all the way up when the phone is put in the pouch. This could be troublesome for some users but so far I don't mind.

    This case is a great upgrade from the OEM plastic fake leather pouch. Once it is broken in I am sure I will enjoy this case much more. Since it is nice leather I'm sure it will age and only look better and better.

    Seidio Battery Cover

    I like the feel of this case. It matches the rubberized black sides of the phone. The phone doesn't slide around like the OEM black shiny silver cover. The only problem unrelated to the case is the door latch on my curve (Achilles heal of the Curve) is only attached on one side. Therefore the Seidio cover will not stay on or latch. I ordered 2 new latches off cnn and will update when they are in place. (In case the latch breaks again)

    Also I will later see how the battery cover sounds (its supposed to improve the sound of the ringer/speaker phone).

    Thats my review for now, and I will update one I have longer time with the products. I will fully install the Seidio cover when I have a new latch installed. And will update on the process of breaking in the Beyza pouch.
    01-09-09 08:41 PM
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    I enjoyed reading your review on the case. I was wondering if you have any further updates on the case?
    01-23-09 05:53 PM