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    I know there are some older posts about this but I want to get some more up-to-date opinions.

    I'm looking at ways to integrate my BB's media player with my car stereo. I'm rollin a '03 Explorer with the stock system which means no accessible aux or usb jacks; hence I'm looking at purchasing a new deck. I want a deck that's has Bluetooth built-in so I can stream and control my music from my device plus I like the option of hands-free communication integrated with the car stereo.

    I donít need a super high-performance deck, my car is equipped only with the stock system; I'd rather not spend $1,000. What I do want is something that will stream my music effectively and (relatively) effortlessly and be capable of hands-free communication if I so choose.

    It's the classic uniformed consumer dilemma: I want to get a solid deck which will perform without over-paying for features I don't need. Any suggestions?
    06-11-10 07:24 PM