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    Ok, so, I re-downloaded BBMusic and it only works off of wifi. When it's on 3G it doesn't work. I have a 6GB data plan so that is not the problem. Also, my data works on the browser and other services. Wifi works perfectly. I tried everything and even apps worked, to the point where I could search for a song and everything would show up but, no song would play.

    Downloading the beta now but, this is annoying. I really wanted to have it work 100%. Anyone else having problems?

    I'm with a 9360 now and had a 9700 before. It's OS7.0.0.540 and I'm in Canada Quebec Montreal.
    12-20-11 01:29 AM
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    Tried with the beta and 3G still doesn't work...
    12-20-11 01:39 AM
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    EDIT - I think you're the only person I've seen with this issue. Over in the UK everything is A-OK on 3G.
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    12-21-11 06:25 AM
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    1. Load BBM Music
    2. Choose Options from the BBM menu.
    3. Make sure ""Stream media using" has Wi-Fi and Mobile Network selected.
    12-21-11 09:01 AM
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    Ok guys! I'm posting this so if anyone experiences that problem, they can fix it.

    I contacted RIM and after some troubleshooting, the rep told me to go in my APN settings and disable them. That fixed it.

    What I believe happened was when I had my phone from the same provider, I put some APN settings and when I recovered it on a phone from another carrier, it copied them and didn't let me access the network.

    So that's it. That fixed it.

    Have fun and Merry Christmas.
    12-23-11 05:51 AM
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    Friend here in the CZ with the exact same phone/Os ect is having the same issues you describe, trying the APN trick in a few minutes when he comes by. Hopefully this fixes it.
    01-25-12 02:25 PM
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    This worked. My APN was disabled as i know it is supposed to be while i use o2.cz, his was still on a Tmobile APN from the states.

    01-25-12 02:49 PM
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    My mate was on it and he was fine on 3G
    06-27-12 03:36 PM
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    Not only on wi-fi it will work even in your network if the internet is speed enough from your operator.
    06-28-12 06:50 AM
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    My mate was on it and he was fine on 3G

    Yep second that. 3G works fine here in the UK.

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    07-08-12 10:56 AM