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    Maybe this is unique to my device/account however yesterday I paid $5.99AUD for a premium upgrade which was processed successfully. Now when I load the app on the home screen remains the option to upgrade. When I check my subscription status it displays the account type as premium. As a result I can only listen to 30 seconds of the songs I've selected. Attempted one battery pull and one re-install of the app to no avail. Has anyone else experienced or is experiencing this particular problem? My Celine Dion and Neil Sedaka medley awaits.
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    11-19-11 03:06 AM
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    I'm having the exact same problem! Did you ever find a solution? I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling. I don't have the Beta. I have the latest version. It won't let me upgrade. It always says I need to upgrade, even after I already have. This is RIDICULOUS!
    01-04-12 05:10 PM