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    I just purchased the new BB Visor speaker phone VM-605 in which I quite impressed with. The FM transmitter works great except for one thing.
    While listening to music through the BB music player, it works with no problems. But if you want to stream music from Pandora, the fm transmitter shuts down after 1 min after listening. It states this in the manual that if no audio feed is streaming, it will shut down.

    Anyone have any ideas for this? Any help would be appreciated.
    06-28-09 03:02 PM
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    06-30-09 01:38 PM
  3. RCNA's Avatar
    07-08-09 04:34 PM
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    IIRC there is a setting in the menu of Pandora to enable bluetooth.
    07-20-09 12:22 AM
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    My Bad one on this thread. I thought for the longest time I was using Pandora but really I was using Nobex Radio. Pandora does not work in Canada.

    But Nobex Radio Companion and Viigo do not work on the device as they cut out after 1 min.

    I found that pod trapper and flycast work great on the device.

    Sorry for the confusion.
    07-20-09 09:33 AM