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    So, I've been frustrated trying to find cases for my BBs over the years (especially the Torch!). However, I've fallen in love for the first time with a case and wanted to share with other users. I recently bought the Blackberry Soft Shell case for the Bold (97XX series) from the CB store and I have to tell you all the reasons I love it...
    1. Durable AND flexible. I find it to be the perfect medium strength between being solid yet flexible enough.
    2. Easy to put on and take off. This is critical if, like me, you're constantly installing/removing apps and OS and you need to do frequent battery pulls.
    3. I have used both the BB skins and iSkin cases for this device and found the skin to be flimsy (not enough protection plus it stretched) and the iSkin to be too hard to be flexible (making it difficult to install/remove). This case is like a happy medium between the two cases.
    4. It's see-through and colourful! You can have style and still see the BB design on the back of your device.
    So, if you're a Bold user and are looking for a good case, I would highly recommend this.
    08-01-11 06:11 PM