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    I searched and found only one post about a gap at the bottom (not a loose battery cover/door). I want to hear from a few more of you.

    I've had my Tour for a week and the only thing bothering me is the OEM door gap at the bottom. My gap appears to be about twice as large as the Seidio gap pictured below. I can easily lift up each bottom corner with my finger.

    My cover isn't loose side to side... just a visible gap across the bottom. I originally thought it was how the phone knew it was in the holster but have since found out this is one of the battery cover issues.

    The extended battery cover in the picture shows a small gap at the bottom of the phone compared to the 'tight' OEM cover.

    For those with a gap at the bottom of their OEM door, does the Seidio 2600 Battery with door fit BETTER than the OEM door?

    Or is Seidio's 'fit' hit or miss like the OEM door?

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    I have the Seidio 2600. My original OEm door was loose and gappy. Although the Seidio is tighter, it does have one bottom corner that has a gap that is less than the picture shows. I never noticed this till I saw your post. It has never given me any greif whatsoever. I could post a pic if you'd like.

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    02-24-10 09:59 AM
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    i have the verizon tour with the stock battery and door and the gap on it is like the one pictured above to the right with the extended... you can push it down but it opens right back up. kinda lame but i really dont want to start nitpicking the **** out of this phone, i upgraded from a 8830 so this is like night and day for me...
    02-24-10 10:07 AM
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    Thanks for the posts. I love my Tour but the gap is catching on my pants pocket when I slide it into my pocket with the screen facing my leg. I just don't want to drop my new phone. I'm getting the Seidio 2600 soon.

    Diffused... A pic or two would be great!

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    Notice the small gap on the lefthand corner. It's hardly noticable.
    BTW. Noticed a new thread today on the battery door, under Tour 9630.
    02-25-10 10:40 AM
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    Thanks a million diffused. You're right... it's nothing.
    02-25-10 06:47 PM