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    I recently switched from a Curve 8900 running OS4 to a Bold 9700 running OS5.

    One of the features I absolutely loved about my OS4 Device was the ability to adjust the Volume between In Holster and Out Holster. OS5 just offers a completely other way of configurering your Sound Profiles and no longer has a In Holster and Out Holster config.

    I've been searching the web on this issue and found some people talking about the ability to switch to another profile as soon as the Device was put in the Holster and vise versa!

    It wouldn't be the best solution, but shure be a great workaround!

    P.S. I know I have the option to hear my ringtone in, out, or both. But I just want to adjust the volume of it.
    04-14-10 03:01 AM
  2. JunkieXP's Avatar
    Is there Anyone, who has a solution got this?
    04-16-10 03:07 PM