1. Roadmaster's Avatar
    I'm concidering purchasing a Bodyglove for some added protection for my 8330 Curve. My first question is; does it do an adiquate job protecting the Curve? Secondly; It seems I usually need to reboot my Curve about once a week and want to know if the case is easy enough to open in order to do so? Thanks for your help.
    06-03-09 09:41 AM
  2. pjb2e's Avatar
    Overall its a good case. It is a hard case yet is textured so it will not slip from smooth surfaces. It provides more than adequate protection for the screen. And it works, I recently dropped my BB from a height of about 6 feet, the case absorbed the shock and came off like its supposed to do and the phone still worked. However, there are few minor drawbacks. First, the screen protector does limit the thumb from ball rolling a bit but this is only a minor problem and soon forgotten once you get used to the case. Secondly, the case makes the BB noticeably thicker; however, this is to be expected from any hard case and is only an issue if you carry the phone in your pocket, as I do, the Bodyglove comes with a removable belt clip that will circumvent this problem. Finally, the case, while simple to remove, does require a little force. However, this case removal issue can be overcame with an app called QuickPull (available free on CrackBerry), which resets the phone for you without the need to remove the battery and thus the case. Hope this helped.
    06-03-09 12:49 PM