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    i dropped my phone in water yesterday, and i got worried and threw the back piece out of the way. I was going to find it, but i always wanted another color instead of the grey back piece. The phone works perfectly find (Blow Dryer) and now im trying to find accessories to keep it more safe when it drops on the floor.
    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    would these back covers work on the Curve 8320 without the original back cover?

    www . amazon . com/Cozip-Brand-Rubberized-Polycarbonate-BlackBerry/dp/B002XH3JRE/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1281621550&s r=8-18

    www . amazon . com/Cozip-Rubberized-Polycarbonate-BlackBerry-Silver/dp/B002YL5VXO/ref=sr_1_29?ie=UTF8&s=wireless&qid=1281621550&sr=8-29

    Remove the spaces ^^^
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    There are some waterproof bags for cell phones for when you go boating, etc. Nothing else will protect your BB from water immersion. For all around outdoor protection I use an OtterBox. I have had my BB 8330 in my shirt pocket in the pouring rain when I was a referee for a soccer game and could not go to the sideline for about 20 minutes. I thought my BB would be toast, but no ill effects. It will also protect your BB from falls. It does add quite a bit of thickness for that protection, but if you're outside alot, it is worth it. Also keeps dust & dirt out.
    08-12-10 09:43 AM
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    Another vote for the Otterbox. It will add a lot of shock protection and a bit of water protection. It is NOT waterproof. Like jbarbero said, only a dry bag or box will be waterproof. Our BBs and water do not mix well.
    08-12-10 11:08 AM