1. davegrun's Avatar
    I didn't want to get the Verizon one because I figured I could get a much better aftermarket one for the same price. Otterbox cases look amazing but they don't seem to have one for the tour yet. Does anyone know if there are any other cases w/ screen protectors out yet for the tour? I really don't like carrying this thing around unprotected, and I don't like using the leather holster belt.
    07-14-09 09:37 AM
  2. jrod3055's Avatar
    07-14-09 09:41 AM
  3. JBaker515's Avatar
    Yes, I got one from Verizon Wireless when I got my phone. Not the one that comes in the box but a special one for the Tour.
    07-14-09 09:41 AM
  4. politica's Avatar
    I got a silicone skin with a screen protector off Amazon. There are a few available on there, not a ton yet.
    07-14-09 09:42 AM
  5. davegrun's Avatar
    I got a silicone skin with a screen protector off Amazon. There are a few available on there, not a ton yet.
    is the screen protector a hard plastic one, or a clear film? The silicone skin + screen protector sounds good as long as it will protect it from falls and such. Care to provide the links to the skin + screen protector that you bought? I may just use that for now until otterbox comes out with a Tour case which hopefully they will.
    07-14-09 09:48 AM
  6. hakoreh's Avatar
    the screen protector I got when I was at the store was for the Curve but they said it would work with the Tour - is that accurate? It was the privacy protector version by the way
    07-14-09 09:53 AM
  7. davegrun's Avatar
    When people refer to "Screen protectors" , are they referring to the clear film or the hard plastic covers? I drop electronics A LOT, and desperately need a hard plastic screen cover than can take falls, the film type covers definately will not cut it for me.

    I feel it takes away from the phone too if I am scared of dropping it. When I get new iPods, i never feel like it is "mine" until I get a cover, the worrying about damaging it really takes away from the experience, i'm actually scared to carry this thing around and im rationing my use to minimize potential drops before i get a case.
    07-14-09 09:57 AM
  8. davegrun's Avatar
    Well it seems that otterbox now has a case for it, anyone try it out yet?
    07-14-09 11:01 AM
  9. plyallstar's Avatar
    I have a thread called "BB Tour Cases and Accessories Only" you might wanna check that out, some people have posted pics of their cases and info about upcoming cases from seidio, and iSkin
    07-19-09 07:20 PM