1. Josh95's Avatar
    Just got an email from www.EpikPhoneCases.com - Authorized Dealer of Epik Case Products for Smartphones - Blackberry Iphone Etc.

    Get 15% off any order $10 and up.

    There is no coupon code needed, it automatically gives you the discount.

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    05-26-10 03:15 PM
  2. JustinD2473#IM's Avatar
    Just saw this. Thanks Josh !

    The sale is going pretty good, and I just got stock in some items I had been out of too.
    06-05-10 11:45 AM
  3. JustinD2473#IM's Avatar
    Almost all items that I was out of stock of are now back in stock !

    I also got some new colors for a few phones & I now have Droid Eris cases in stock....these items will be added to the website later tonight.
    06-07-10 04:27 PM
  4. tensai's Avatar
    Site down?
    06-10-10 02:55 PM
  5. JustinD2473#IM's Avatar
    Site down?
    I don't think so ... It seems to be working for me fine.

    Anyone else having problems ?
    06-10-10 05:44 PM
  6. tensai's Avatar
    maybe it's block from work pc. will try from home.
    06-10-10 05:47 PM
  7. JustinD2473#IM's Avatar
    added the Blackberry 9100, iPhone 4, Droid Incredible, Droid Eris & HTC HD2 to the site yesterday. Along with some new colors of iPad, Nexus One & 9700 (one's with no pattern for the 9700)
    06-20-10 02:37 PM