1. supermilk7's Avatar
    I think the cheapest and easiest way to deal with the annoying high pitched hum/squeal in the stock charger is to just replace it.. Are all BB chargers the same? Can I buy one that was meant for an old Curve 8300 or something or does it have to be specifically for the Tour?
    10-11-09 03:13 PM
  2. Seph1Cloud's Avatar
    Your charger is making a noise!?!? Its not suppose to do that. Any micro USB charger should work fine with the Tour or, you could just use the USB sync cable that came with it to charge with your pc/laptop.
    10-11-09 03:18 PM
  3. supermilk7's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply

    Yeah, I do use the laptop charger sometimes but I keep the charger by my bedside and my laptop on my desk. My charger emits a very loud, high pitched squeal when it's not plugged into the phone. A lot of other users here have apparently had the same problem (searched the forums before I made the topic) but no fixes as of yet. Either here or on another website's forum I saw someone say they tried to have Verizon replace it but they said all of the chargers would have that same problem.
    10-11-09 03:22 PM
  4. SoCaliTrojan's Avatar
    My charger is absolutely silent. I know this because I sleep on the side of the bed where the charger is 1 foot below my ear at night.
    10-11-09 03:43 PM
  5. supermilk7's Avatar
    Not everyone's charger seems to be doing it. Many have reported no sound. Here is a video of what's going on:

    10-11-09 04:17 PM
  6. TheSultan's Avatar
    I had a charger that also made a weird high pitched noise. I did replace it. Not all chargers are made the same--especially car chargers, I've had a few now and they all were bad. Then I bought the Verizon one for $30 and it works like it's supposed to. That was NOT the case with my Curve, I bought a $3 one that lasted me a year.
    10-11-09 04:20 PM
  7. acwyau's Avatar
    OP, the Curve uses mini-usb to charge so chargers designed for the Curve will not work. All the newer models (Storm, Tour, 8900, etc.) use micro-sd to charge, so all chargers designed for those devices will work with the Tour.
    10-11-09 06:12 PM
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    Thanks a lot acwyau

    I think you meant micro usb but easy typo to make, but thanks that's what I was trying to figure out. Just ordered one online
    10-11-09 10:35 PM
  9. BergerKing's Avatar
    There is an adapter available that willk allow the mini-USB charger to charge micro-USB devices.

    They can be found on eBay and at Radio Shack.

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    10-11-09 11:12 PM
  10. acwyau's Avatar
    Thanks a lot acwyau

    I think you meant micro usb but easy typo to make, but thanks that's what I was trying to figure out. Just ordered one online
    Oops, my bad.

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    10-11-09 11:34 PM
  11. -Sledgehammer-'s Avatar
    I bought a new Torch a couple of days after it was released. The charger squeals when plugged into the phone. Now I know that the easiest thing to do would be to move it out of the bedroom, but I like it there. Does anyone know if AT&T recognizes this problem and will replace the charger or can I expect all Torch OEM chargers to do the same thing?
    09-17-10 07:58 AM
  12. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    Why not take the charger to a local store and show them what it's doing and see if they'll just replace it for you under warranty? If not, all you need is a micro-usb charger.

    Besides, if it only does it with the device unplugged, just unplug the charger when it's not in use. You'll save a little electricity that way and everything.
    09-17-10 09:32 AM
  13. chamyu's Avatar
    Mini usb
    Micro usb
    09-19-10 04:30 AM
  14. Kocheese's Avatar
    I have my old Curve charger with a Mini-USB to Micro USB converter. The output is 5V-700Mah
    02-02-11 10:38 PM
  15. ajonesma's Avatar
    I think all the BB chargers are the same, in fact my Car charger for my HTC EVO 4G (that I just switched from) works fine with my BB Tour
    02-02-11 11:52 PM
  16. Jpol's Avatar
    I never herd of a wall charger ever making any noise what so ever......

    Replace it or I'm guessing your going to set a fire in that 120v outlet your using! Seriously replace it asap

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    02-03-11 03:19 AM