1. mmontanezz's Avatar
    Sorry if i've placed this in the wrong section, but how do we get these cases off of the Torch? I'm glad it's protecting it as it should, but what's the proper way of removing it without breaking it? thanks in advance.
    11-25-10 07:01 AM
  2. Chinookman's Avatar
    Let me try to help out here....cuz I just did it yesterday....if yah got nails....open slider and on the lower left side insert nail between cover and phone and gently pry outward. This should release the tension of the upper case and it should just pop up. The right side of upper case may still be attached. Then Proceed w/same on the right side. Gently pry open w/ nail between phone and case and the upper portion should also release.

    Now on the upper left side (slider still open @ this point) insert nail again between case and phone and gently pry away from phone while also lifting phone and the case should fall away from the phone and your home free.

    Which is a good time to use an exacto knife and trim away the upper portion of the charging port so the micro-usb can be fully inserted.

    My only minor observation. BTW this is the first case I ever had that did not sef destruct w/ every battery pull like the Seidio cases on my BB 9000... he...he..he....sweet....

    Ah and I just discovered that the case does not interfere all that much. A fraction of a 'mm' or so and insert the charging plug w/o cover and you will see that when fully inserted there is still a tad exposure of the male plug so it become a perception issue of not being fully engaged. So now I'm done and enjoy your case.

    I got a good comb of the Blue and Chrome when I bought my red phone yesterday...woo-hoo.....
    11-25-10 09:07 AM