1. BADTOLZ's Avatar
    I was in Best Buy in Loveland CO today and was asking general questions and the rep showed me a silicon case w/Storm 2 name in compatible space. A pile of them were on the counter. Obviously for Storm 1 also. I believe it was actually labeled 9550. He thought it was funny how some phones have been out for a while and have no accessories yet and the Storm 2 isn't even out yet and already has accessories...so it's close? Probably posted already and if so, I apologize I'm simply too lazy to search to see if it was. So there.
    10-09-09 07:40 PM
  2. BADTOLZ's Avatar
    Oh, and he told me he/they have no idea when it's coming or really much about it. Maybe that's what he was told to say dunno.
    10-09-09 07:41 PM
  3. slloyd1's Avatar
    we need pictures for proof!! lol
    10-09-09 07:46 PM
  4. BADTOLZ's Avatar
    LOL. I was thinking that as I was posting. So funny. The guy showed me the cases and I seriously almost asked to take a picture, but screw y'all. Just Kidding. I saw them and the guy pointed it out and I saw it. Listen I know what I saw and what I saw was....(trails off into crazy mumbling).
    10-09-09 10:01 PM
  5. theanswer3's Avatar
    YEah it would be cool if you can get a pic
    10-10-09 03:44 PM
  6. zook_b's Avatar

    Pics that I took and posted in another thread.
    10-10-09 05:32 PM