1. Amnesia180's Avatar
    Hi All,

    So, I received my first bill via email on Wednesday and basically the guy in the shop had me bent over a beer barrel by the looks of things. So I phoned o2 customer services who explained that they obviously want to make a quick sale as what I had on the receipt is NOT the tarrif he has put me on.

    So, I had to take the phone back to the shop, ring the customer services and the've offered me a great deal, so I'm happy!

    Anyway, to welcome my new BlackBerry 9700 home... I would like to buy it a gift.

    Any suggestions? (Especially on cool looking cases).

    I was also thinking of the 9700 dock, am I right in saying it charges and data transfers by touching the small metal marks on the the sides of the BB?

    07-16-10 04:51 AM
  2. supersanj's Avatar
    the dock on charges through those 2 metal marks, it doesn't provide usb connectivty. but while its in the dock you can plug another usb cable in your BB as normal.
    07-16-10 05:30 AM
  3. crownr0yal's Avatar
    Skin! One of the hard but softgel ones. Perfect accessory.

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    07-16-10 05:55 AM
  4. arbonb's Avatar
    A Beautiful Golla Bag lol

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    07-16-10 06:24 AM