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    Hi - I'm sure this will have cropped up before, but why does the 9800 not come with a protective case? All my other BB's have - was a little disappointed when I opened up the box and the best you get is a cleaning cloth!!

    I can see that there appears to be hundreds to choose from to buy, but what I am after is the same style that I've had with my 8320, 8900 & STORM2 - a simple leather case. My STORM2 one seems to have a metal / magnetic strip running through the top of it? And I also like the fact that when I put it in the screen automatically goes off - and when I take it back out the screen lights up again. Is that anything to do with the metal strip in the case or something to do with the camera and light level?

    I'm in the UK and if anyone can recommend a suitable case I'd appreciate it. What I DON'T want is any case that leaves the screen exposed.

    Thanks - J.
    04-13-11 03:44 AM
  2. paulmaquette's Avatar
    hi, just purchased it so I can't say how long it can last, but I got an oem case from Amazon, the one with the red mark on the right. It protects the screen and has the magnet thing that will turn the screen off.
    Good point too, it's slightly less wide than the former ones I got for my8900/ 9700, and feels very sturdy.
    04-13-11 04:10 AM
  3. julian924s's Avatar
    Ah right thanks, just had a look and its the magnetic thing in the case that enables the phone to sleep - which is what I need. Seems to be plenty to choose from.

    So anyone know why you don't get one with the phone - it's BB premium phone isn't it?

    Thanks again.
    04-13-11 05:23 AM
  4. xlDeMoNiClx#CB's Avatar
    I just use that invisi-shield that has several different pieces that go all around the phone and that works well enough for me but maybe I should get an actual leather case as well?

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    04-13-11 10:52 AM
  5. SirKrimzon's Avatar
    Seido inoocase surface-best bb torch case everrrr

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    04-13-11 11:35 AM
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    I personally love the AGF GRT Endo case comes with a case and a belt holster which puts the Blackberry to sleep mode
    04-13-11 11:41 AM
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    I'm very gentle with all my devices (haven't broken a single one, and very few even get scratched) and so I've found the BlackBerry Leather Pocket case works quite well, and looks very nice, there is also a holster version of it available, both for under about 15 from Amazon, if you go the Amazon route, be very careful about making sure you get a genuine product, as many (including myself) have gotten fakes on many occasions. I did a write up on it here

    If your not entirely set on a case which covers the screen, The Seidio Innocase surface is a great option as well, It offers some "lay on the table" design via a front piece covering the bezel, and can be paired with most screen protectors, however it doesn't look nearly as classy as the above mentioned RIM accessory.
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    04-13-11 02:03 PM
  8. moiselles's Avatar
    The leather pocket pouches are great! I've used one for most of my Torch's life and it's in pristine condition. I am using a cute hard silicone rubber case I got off ebay that I love right now, but I refuse to put my Torch in my purse without the leather pocket pouch. So I carry my Torch everywhere at the moment. But definitely check out the pocket pouch, because it is made of awesome.
    04-13-11 02:34 PM
  9. Jonathan-Archer's Avatar
    i just bought a silicone case for $1,45 off Ebay. Including shipping.
    04-13-11 05:34 PM