1. DanTheMan1's Avatar
    i just found a lots of housing cases on ebay for the 9700.
    How are the quality of these cases and is it hard to change the case?
    10-28-10 07:07 PM
  2. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    First off, you need to update your profile. It's still showing you use a storm. Keeping your profile up to date helps us help you.

    There are many threads on this exact subject, but I'll bite anyways..

    Housing quality on Ebay varies by seller. Personally, I would never buy one from ebay. I would choose ColorWare, dealsishop, or sw-box (in that order).

    I don't think changing the housing is that hard, but some may.. Here's a video, so you can see if you're up to the task.
    10-28-10 07:15 PM