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    double post delete. sorry about that.
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    After messing with the battery flap for a while, it seems to have broken itself in, so to speak. It is staying in place, but does take some toying with.
    My Commuter Case for the 9630 had no problems with the battery flap. It stayed in perfectly. It did however, have issues with the charging/data cable staying securely in place. The Commuter Case for the 9650 has no such issues, at least mine doesn't.
    Overall the Commuter Case for the 9650 is not of the quality that the Tour's was. Even though, I still do like my Bold Commuter Case.
    EDIT: I want to add that the case for the Bold is much easier to get on and off. The hard plastic covering isn't as hard on the side buttons, which is of course, a good thing.

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    not happy with the commuter case for the 9650. the USB plug doesn't fit correctly, the charging cable doesn't fit at all without trimming the silicon case. the commuter case is great at being slim but does not appear great at protecting the phone.

    i bought mine from the crackberry store. really disappointed.
    I agree the charging flap doesn't stay flush like the headphone Jack. I however have not had any issues with the charging of the device due to the case. Fit for me is perfect but that flap did get on my nerves at first. I'm used to it now and I play with it throughout the day.

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    06-16-10 10:34 PM
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    I love this commuter case for my Bold, but I too have the same experience of the flap not really staying flush with the charging port. It is not the biggest deal in the world, but I wish it would stay. I called Otterbox, after hearing about how nice and helpful their customer service is, and was kind of left with a bad taste in my mouth. The guy acted like this was the first he was hearing of this issue, told me that I probably bought the Tour case for the Bold, which I didn't, and then really didn't have any advice to offer me. Hey, I am not expecting bro hugs and baseball buddy slaps on the a$$, but give me a break and at least try and be a little more helpful. I said, "Thanks for all your help, I will just try and play with it." I hope mine settles in eventually. I love the case.
    06-22-10 01:15 PM
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    I just got my commuter case, $21.79 shipped and so far I love it.

    I did have a bit of a problem with the charging part, but I gave it a good shove and it stays put just fine.

    Personally, I love it, worth the money and it makes the phone easier to hold. It even fits in the standard blackberry leather case, a bit snug to get out, but after working it a bit, does just fine.
    06-22-10 01:25 PM
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    I just wish Otterbox would make a defender case for users that have the extended battery.
    06-22-10 01:43 PM
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    Does anyone know if the Otterbox Commuter will fit in a Seidio Innocase holster? I think someone said it does but its a tight fit or was that for the Defender?

    Any pics?
    06-22-10 03:34 PM
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    It fits. I actually bought the Platinum branded case and holster for 9630 (Seidio manufactures these cases and holsters for Best Buy - at the bottom of the holster it actually says Seidio) on clearance for $12. I only used the holster and it fits the 9650 with the commuter case. It is not loose. I carry it around at work all day and has never fallen off. I'll try to get pictures later.
    06-22-10 04:07 PM
  9. DCervo's Avatar
    Does this case have hard plastic over the screen?
    06-22-10 04:24 PM
  10. blkberryhosp's Avatar
    Pics of 9650 with commuter case in seidio innocase holster.
    06-22-10 08:51 PM
  11. anon(58539)'s Avatar
    I had an otterbox for my 8350i and 9630 and both I had issues with people not being able to hear me and i had a bad echo problem with both. Good idea for case but if they can't fix those issues then not for me.
    06-22-10 08:52 PM
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    just wish they would show us some love for the extended battery
    06-22-10 09:37 PM
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    How well does the 9630 defender fit the 9650?
    06-23-10 12:02 AM
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    Nice pic. Thanks for sharing.
    06-23-10 02:47 AM
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    I had an otterbox for my 8350i and 9630 and both I had issues with people not being able to hear me and i had a bad echo problem with both. Good idea for case but if they can't fix those issues then not for me.

    Could you fix up your signature?


    06-23-10 07:21 AM
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    How well does the 9630 defender fit the 9650?
    Size wise it fits, but the port is too high.....
    06-23-10 07:22 AM
  17. anon(2254645)'s Avatar
    I bought the Commuter for my Tour and I love most things about it, but does anyone else feel that the plastic backing piece makes the phone more slippery? I feel the protection level is high, but I'm also more prone to dropping the phone, so it's a catch-22 situation.
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