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    Item: Otterbox Defender
    Installed on: Sprint BB 9330
    The review: 5 out of 5 stars
    Mini review: I got my Otterbox defender after going over many reviews and information out on the interwebs and I think I made the right decision. Yes it is bigger, if you are looking for slim then move along. The added bulk took very little time to get used to and I was already holding my phone more comfortably which I think adds to the protection factor.

    The case and silicone outer covering seems like it will take a beating. I work in a professional environment (I.T.) but I play in a more physical one. I build/restore/modify cars in my spare time and the phone spends a great deal of time in my shop and phone of my past have met much fate to a tool or the shop floor. While I haven't tested how the case will do, I am fairly convinced it will have a better chance at survival.

    Anyway, on with the pics.

    1) Otterbox as received, next to my phone.

    2) Removed from package and pieces laid out. You see the holster, both halves of the case, which includes the screen protector, the silicone outer and the keypad membrane is on the cardboard phone.

    3) Keypad membrane installed

    4) Inner shell installed, you basically sandwich the phone inside it

    5) Silicone skin installed, this pulls over the inner case and has lugs that hold it in place. It has cutouts for all ports and openings.

    6) Backside

    7) In the holster

    8) Backside
    10-17-10 03:41 PM
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    And now some real data, here are the thickness changes you will be dealing with;

    Before Otterbox

    Otterbox installed

    It breaks down like this;

    Measure..........Before..........After..........Di fference
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    10-17-10 03:41 PM
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    Nice review!!
    I love the way that you put some actual data.

    Now, some endurance test?
    10-17-10 08:48 PM
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    Maybe some real-world endurance tests as time goes by, I don't really feel inclined to start hammering on my 2 week old phone.
    10-18-10 06:50 AM
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    First endurance test, I dropped some firewood on it over the Halloween weekend, it fell out of my jacket and when I went to grab it I dropped 2 logs on it - not even a scratch.
    11-02-10 09:28 AM