1. shortie2cu's Avatar
    So I have the 8130 and would really rather the red or black case any ideas on how I would change it?
    03-04-08 09:35 PM
  2. shortie2cu's Avatar
    I see people viewing but does anyone have an answer?
    03-07-08 07:56 AM
  3. detman101's Avatar
    I would venture to guess that you should look into picking up a broken Pearl with the black or Red case and work on taking the outer bits off without breaking them.

    Once you've done that at least twice on the test models....you can see if the parts you removed will work on your Pearl.

    Once you verify that they do, disassemble your pearl the same way you did the test models and swap the pieces.

    Verify that the transplanted parts are seated in correctly and stable, then replace your battery and test-fire the Pearl.

    If all has been transplanted correctly, your device should spring to life after it's "PLASTIC SURGERY" lol....

    Good luck, if you need any advice feel free to MSG/PIN me...

    03-13-08 01:11 PM
  4. jamcony's Avatar
    I just put the hard rubberized black Seido on my Verizon 8130 and it looks and works great.
    03-19-08 04:03 PM