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    Artists are not "hip and cool" because the labels say so, obviously a large portion of the population thinks so. The labels just hand pick them out of an ever growing crowd. some one hit wander still have exactly that, one big hit that you will remember. Doesn't matter if they can't reproduce it again.
    I never said artists were hip or cool because the label said so.

    And my point about the one hit wonders was that the artist is forgotten, only the song is remembered. Most people forget who sang the song.

    Who cares anyway, you have to make room for new generations, I enjoy pretty much any music genera except classical music. It works for me.

    I'm up to 450 songs now.

    edit 473 as i type
    I don't care, I have a choice of who to listen to or who not to listen to. Just like you do as well.

    Some people may love Brittany Spears, but I think her voice is god awful and she sounds like she is still 12. There are room for all of us in the world.
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    I love reading the reactions to an article, as opposed to the article, itself

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