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    Hello guys.

    1st of all, I'm no video expert. Feel free to go int as much detail as you want for reference, but keep it simple for me.

    What are the current devices are capable of when recording videos? What is the best they can go? 240p? 320p? 480p? 720p? 1080p (hehe ok ok I know they can't go this high)?

    2.0 mpx (81xx, 85xx, 9000) - ?
    3.2 mpx (8900, 9700, 95xx, 96xx) - ?
    5.0 mpx (9780, 9800) - ?

    Feel free to delete this, 150 views and no reply made me re-post in the General forums.
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    hmm, my 9700 can do 360p 4:3 on OS 5, OS 6 gives 480p 4:3. Both offer 30 fps, DVD quality. I call it a flip alternative, since it's carrier subsidized, but more expensive. You could always upstream it to 1080p 4:3 (1440x1080) from 480p, if you don't mind the pixelation at all. NCH VideoPad offers this and their AVI format is lossless.

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