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    here's a question to all the knowledgeable pearl users out there. in the upper right hand part of my screen; usually when i have ev-do coverage; '1XEV' shows up as upper case letters; but more often it's been appearing in lower case letters.

    i've noticed that when it shows in lower case letters; my e-mails don't go through to my phone; and my web doesn't work.

    why is this happening so often now? particularly more in the past two weeks? i have a blackberry data plan with sprint; but i'm not tied into any enterprise server...i just set up my own personal email addresses (gmail as push, and aol/yahoo as pull) to synch with my blackberry....so do you think this has been happening with more frequency because of this famed blackberry outage?? any help/clarification/suggestions will help.
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    02-17-08 10:22 PM
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    gadgetgeekmeister...thanks for that.
    02-18-08 01:33 PM
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    We need the answer to this
    01-10-09 12:32 AM
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    I get the same thing sometimes but with tmobile. I'll get edge in lower case and I can't connect to the internet. Thanks for posting this as I can now just disconnect then reconnect instead of doing a soft reset.

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    01-11-09 05:15 PM
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    It means that the data services are turned off
    04-10-09 10:24 AM
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    Lower case letters= data services off or unavailable.
    Upper case letters= data servies on or available.

    The 'EV' on the end means you're in network, be it 'ev' or 'EV' after the X.

    Go to network connections on the device and turn data services off and see the change in the letters.
    04-10-09 10:46 AM