1. swagci's Avatar
    Item Description: z30
    Price Range: Offer me.
    Condition: Any
    Payment Method: Paypal Ready
    Additional Info: I live near chicago, IL so hopefully shipping isn't a problem. Can do meet ups as well.
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
    10-10-14 02:20 PM
  2. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    Good luck!
    10-10-14 04:29 PM
  3. MB64's Avatar
    325 for mines.

    Posted via CB10 with my Z30
    10-10-14 05:55 PM
  4. ptlang's Avatar
    What condition is it in? And can you ship it to Canada? Thanks

    Posted via CB10
    10-11-14 07:43 PM
  5. swagci's Avatar
    What condition is it in? And can you ship it to Canada? Thanks

    Posted via CB10
    I'm trying to buy one! Sorry..

    Posted via CB10
    10-12-14 06:55 PM
  6. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    Are you still looking for one?

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-14 10:40 AM
  7. swagci's Avatar
    If the price is good! PM or bbm me!
    BergerKing likes this.
    10-15-14 12:06 PM
  8. willowbeast's Avatar
    I have one for sale just got my passport

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-14 10:39 AM
  9. androacct's Avatar
    I have a brand new condition Blackberry Z30 STA100-5 purchased directly from shopblackberry on Aug 28. This was bought to gift but never gifted. I thought I would use it but bought a passport so this is for sale. It also comes with a blackberry flip case and an Otterbox case, includes all original accessories charger etc from original box. I will also include the original purchase receipt so you can claim warranty should anything happen. The phone itself is covered with ghost armor screen protector and can be considered almost new. Happy to provide high resolution photos of the device. PIN me. There are no usage marks or scratches on the phone. Literally looks brand new.
    10-23-14 02:56 PM
  10. BK_NY_RAY's Avatar
    Is androacct a regular? Since he doesnt.have any feedback.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-14 09:07 PM
  11. swagci's Avatar
    bump!! still need
    11-15-14 02:26 PM
  12. swagci's Avatar
    Yes I'm buying.
    Looking for phone only for about 170-200 range

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-14 05:22 PM
  13. aha's Avatar
    Selling in an 'auction' manner (i.e.: highest bidder) or linking to items for sale on an outside site (ex: eBay) is not allowed.

    mod edit: eBay links not permitted per Marketplace Guidelines

    I am selling mine here:

    Posted via CB10 with PassportSQW100-1/
    Last edited by BergerKing; 11-21-14 at 10:04 AM.
    11-18-14 06:08 PM

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