1. ChrisBB2011's Avatar
    Description: BlackBerry Z10 STL 100-3
    Carrier: Rogers, Unlocked
    Price Range: $100 (shipping included)
    Condition: Full working order. Don't care about cosmetics but it has to be fully functional.
    Buyer Location: Ontario, Canada
    Payment Method: Paypal
    Additional Info: Don't care about the original box or any little extras. Just need a phone battery and charger. I'm just hoping to grab a basic Z10.
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    09-29-14 04:35 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I hope there are some out there for you! Hope you get one soon!
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    09-30-14 04:04 PM
  3. swagci's Avatar
    Can you do $130 including shipping? Have a white one.

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    10-03-14 05:04 AM
  4. ChrisBB2011's Avatar
    10-03-14 10:34 PM
  5. ChrisBB2011's Avatar
    Didn't get a reply. Please post info about the phone. Carrier / country etc.
    10-05-14 04:40 PM
  6. Judyam's Avatar
    I have a an unused 10/19 (new warranty replacement that was sent to me by T-MOBILE before I left TMO for Verizon
    It still has protective plastic on both front and back, new micro sim which is still unattached from the sim card plastic card, also new charger still sealed in pkg, little TMO Z10 instruction manual and a new unused BB OEM screen cover still in pkg

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    10-05-14 05:05 PM
  7. Judyam's Avatar
    I have an unused Black Z10 for sale or trade. It is a t-mobile branded) says. Carrier and network unlocked but may need the new (included, or use your own sim? )sim card installed before it will be ready to use on your network. (may need a MEP code from Tmo, ...I'm not sure how that all works regarding carrier unlocking), but device info does say "carrier unlocked". It is model SQN100-3 and since it was sent to me by T-MOBILE as a warranty replacement and is unused, with all the things that come in the new phone box ( new USB cord/charger in sealed pkg, little (10 instruction manual, new unused BB OEM screen cover in unopened pkg, new battery,new Tmo micro sim still attached to card, device itself has factory applied protective plastic film still on both screen and back cover, all in box), I would like to sell for $149 obo, or whatever is fair, OR would like to trade it for a new or mint q
    Q10,(if Q10 is unused, NIB, I would be willing. To add cash to the trade in amount of whatever would be fair market value at the time of the trade).
    Pls PM me if any interest in any of above, or with any suggestions or info about whether a MEP code would be needed if buyer inserts his or her own sim card from another carrier. Ideally I'd like to trade for a close to 20/10 q19, but also open to selling outright and I include USPS Priority Mail. Shipping paid by me if you pay via PayPal GIFT. Any interest, pls pm me the, Judy
    10-05-14 05:47 PM
  8. ChrisBB2011's Avatar
    Sorry $149 is just too much for me. I'm sure someone would be happy to pick that up from you though! And if you're saying $149 USD that's even more! I'm looking at buying one for $100CAD.
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    10-06-14 05:33 PM
  9. ChrisBB2011's Avatar
    10-13-14 07:48 AM
  10. BergerKing's Avatar
    Another bump!
    10-23-14 12:14 AM
  11. ChrisBB2011's Avatar
    Seems like no one will sell me one oh well. This thread can be closed now.
    10-23-14 11:33 AM
  12. MB64's Avatar
    I've been trying to get one as well, don't feel bad....lol....gonna try my luck on ebay.....

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    10-23-14 11:37 AM

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