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    Just throwing this out there. Please post your ideas or thoughts, I'm listening.

    I have a PERFECT T-mobile 9700 that I would be willing to trade if someone were to buy me a 9100 from Cincinnati Bell. I've had several Pearls in the past and then upgraded to the 9700 in March and I'm craving the keyboard/suretype.

    My trade will include:

    PERFECT Working (9700) - No issues what so ever. Trackpad is as solid as can be, nice and straight with no wobble. Keyboard/screen works perfect.

    PERFECT Looking (9700) - not a single scratch to be found, never dropped, never seen a drop of water, screen is flawless, keyboard has no wear or tear etc etc

    Wall Charger

    Charging Pod

    USB Computer Cable

    Original Box

    2 Gig Memory Card

    OEM Carry Case/Pouch/Holster - Never used

    And I think thats about it. Cinn Bell is selling the 9100 online for $280 all you would need to do is have them ship it to a local UPS store, then ship to me. I will ship my 9700 same day (or very next morning) I receive the 9100. If it comes out to more than $320 total I will pay the difference.

    Any questions? Thoughts?

    Thanks for looking.
    07-28-10 09:23 AM