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    Item Description : WTT/ WTS Ipod touch 32gb and Palm Pre Plus
    Price: Ipod: 230, Palm Pre: 150
    Rate it : 8/10 and 8/10
    What it comes with : Ipod: 2 usb cables, home and car charger, Palm Pre: charger and microfiber slip case
    Item location : Daytona, FL
    Payment Options : PayPal/ cash if local
    Shipping: negotiable
    Contact Info : Pm or hondakorn@ymail.com

    Looking to trade one for a used Droid in decent condition.
    Ill trade both for a droid incredible, droid 2, droid x, or samsung fascinate in decent condition. 96 paid apps on the ipod. Palm pre is overclocked to 1ghz and under volted on 1.4.5

    open to negotiation and willing to meet if local and can drive up to 70miles.
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    Email sent.

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