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    Item Description: Unlocked, White Bold 9700 from T-Mobile USA
    Price: Shipping Costs.
    Rate it: 9.5 of 10.0
    What it comes with: All accessories included when purchased, OtterBox Commuter in Black.
    Item location: Phoenix, Arizona, US
    Shipping Details: Paid by both parties for shipping in each direction, USPS Insured Priority or UPS (See bottom).
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Contact Info: donald.k -at- me -dot- com or PM.

    I bought a White 9700 in late October, and while I really loved the look of the device at first, it's sort of gotten old as opposed to my Black iPhone 4 and Black 9000, and therefore I'm looking to do a trade straight across for a Black T-Mobile 9700. The phone includes the box, all documentation and CDs, charger, M-S1 battery, headphones, white leather sleeve and MicroUSB cable. The device itself is unlocked but a friendly reminder, is only compatible with T-Mobile USAs 3G bands.

    The phone is in near perfect condition, however it does have a slight surface scratch on the screen, about 1.5cm from the left edge, and is about 0.5mm long. In use this scratch isn't visible (not like the scratches we saw on old iPod Nano's, for example.) but if held at the right angle under light, it is visible none the less. All chrome parts and plastic parts are flawless beyond the screen scratch.

    DISCLAIMER: I was not able to get a photo of the scratch on the screen, as much as I tried I simply could not get my DSLR to focus when zoomed in as tight as I needed to be for it to be visible, so I have made my best attempt to describe it in the paragraph above. I can provide additional photos via email upon request.

    Shipping Details: As part of the trade I will be more than happy to pay for shipping of a device to me, and would expect the same from the other party, I'll ship the device USPS Priority, well packed in a medium flat rate box (which costs $12.75, with insurance) or can ship via my UPS account number as well.


    02-04-11 05:46 AM
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    Email sent.

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