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    I'm looking to trade a lightly used, unlocked Storm 1 with additional accessories and cash for a like-new Blackberry Storm 2 (9550).

    Item Description : WTT Unlocked BlackBerry Storm 9530
    Price : Trade for Storm 2
    Rate it : 8.5/10 (has a slight nick in the chrome on the lower right part of the bezel and no other visible wear and no hardware issues; screen works perfectly)
    What it comes with : All original accessories; transfer cable, charger, headphones, original box. Comes with additional accessories including 2 black silicon skins, and a like-new black Otterbox Commuter case
    Item location : Mattoon, IL
    Shipping Details : I ship mine, you ship yours, we're even
    Payment Options : Will pay via PayPal only
    Contact Info : sam_hendricks@hotmail.com

    If you're interested, let me know and we can discuss how much cash based on the condition of the Storm 2.

    *Mods, I will add photos of the phone (including the minimal damage) when I get home, as I am not in a position to do so right now.*
    04-29-10 02:51 PM
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    Here are the photos, as promised. Sorry if the phone is a little dusty in some of them, I took the photos in a hurry over my lunch break and I didn't realize how dusty the table was until it was almost too late.

    I don't feel like the pictures do it justice, so I'm going to clean the phone up a bit and try again. I assure you, the phone is in great shape aside from the one ding I mentioned on the corner.

    Just in case they don't show up again: Flickr: Sam.Hendricks' Photostream
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    04-30-10 03:48 PM
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    Deal is done. Mods, please close. Thanks.
    05-01-10 06:22 PM