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    Hey guys I have a near mint Storm 2 9550 Device (I say near mint because it's been used but it looks brand new) with some extras that I would like to trade for a new or gently used Droid Incredible.

    Lot includes:
    Storm 9550 with Box and pre packaged materials
    2 Spare Batteries
    1 Spare Charger
    Extra 16 GB Mem Stick
    Snap on hard case
    External charger for the batteries (one at a time)

    Feel free to email me at drewstech@gmail.com if interested
    05-18-10 08:54 PM
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    I also have some screen protectors to throw in. And now I shall give you pics of the lot

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    05-18-10 10:53 PM
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    Sorry mods....just reread the guidelines and I'd like to repost correctly....doing so now so please close this thread. Sorry again
    05-19-10 10:59 PM