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    Item Description: Unlocked AT&T Branded Blackberry Torch 9810 in White
    Condition: 9.9/10

    Includes : Phone, Standard Battery, Original Box with Manuals, 8 GB microSD card, Original White Blackberry Cube USB adapter (for the desktop charger to charge spare battery), Unopened original Blackberry Polishing Cloth, Unopened Original headset.

    Item Location : San Diego, California
    Shipping Details : FREE SHIPPING of my phone to you with USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation
    Contact Info : PM me

    ***looking to trade for your AT&T Bold 9900 with the original accessories in same condition 9.9/10

    Additional Information : This is my first posting on Crackberry's Marketplace. I am a long-time seller on ebay (66fankp) with 100% positive feedback for over 520 transactions.

    I've had this phone for under a year and I rated it 9.9 because there's NO wear on the phone or screen. Everything works-buttons, keyboard, screen, charging port. I got the unlock code from the CrackBerry 500 code giveaway. The phone will be wiped prior to shipping.

    Email me with and questions, just remember to put "9810 listing" as the subject.

    ***I've been a member since August of 2011 (almost a year) and I just posted a picture of my phone - but I don't have 50 posts - so I guess this post will be deleted - sorry - didn't see the standards.
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