1. Nic Allen's Avatar
    Item Description : Motorola Droid X
    Price : Trade
    Rate it : 9.9/10
    What it comes with : All original items(Box, Cable, charger head, manuals)
    Item location : Orlando area, FL
    Shipping Details : USPS Priority Shipping
    Payment Options : PayPal
    Contact Info : PM or Nicallen63@gmail.com

    Any additional info:
    I want to trade my Droid X, i honestly dont have a specific phone in mind that i want to trade for. I just know i want something a little smaller, so all offers are welcome. Phone is in perfect condition just as it was the day i bought it. Feel free to PM me or email me at Nicallen63@gmail.com for the fastest response. Thanks

    10-06-10 07:52 PM
  2. sirflex's Avatar
    are you looking for a bb, android, or a dumbphone?
    10-07-10 10:31 AM
  3. Nic Allen's Avatar
    I definitely don't want a dumbphone, but I don't really know what I want so im kinda just feeling out offers.

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    10-07-10 10:38 AM
  4. irishguy0224's Avatar
    I have a BB Tour AND a used One day Palm Pre Plus for it. Email me to work something out. I am VERY interested.

    10-07-10 07:36 PM
  5. Ultra50's Avatar
    I have an in excellent condition Droid1 with case and media/charging dock. Willing to trade for your Droidx willing to add some cash with deal. Let me know.

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    10-09-10 06:39 PM
  6. ddmcs14's Avatar
    blackberry 9650?
    10-10-10 06:39 PM
  7. Nic Allen's Avatar
    Done and done. Mods please close.
    10-12-10 09:49 PM