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    I have a Blackberry Torch 9810 that is in a Great condition with the exception of a mark at the top where the paint was scratched off. The screen looks good and everything works. This device has done me VERY well but I am simply tired of the lack of apps. I originally got a Blackberry for the data compression but without any nice apps to use the data that I am paying so much for I feel that I am throwing money away. I enjoy smartphones but I suppose Blackberry is just not where I belong. I am looking for an iPhone 4 (though I'll take a 4S if offered ) If you can offer me a decent deal then I will even consider a 3GS. If you feel that my deal is not good enough then contact me and we may be able to work on something better though I am trying to keep from spending any cash (with the exception of shipping) on this trade.

    I am including the phone, the original box, and a cleaning cloth. I know it is not much but the only thing you are really missing here is the micro-usb charger and most people should have one but considering that I am slightly desperate, I'm willing to ship one on the off chance that you do not have one.

    I am shipping from Highfalls, Ga (zip code 30233) I will ship by usps and will cover the charge to get the phone to you and if the total shipping costs for both phones do not exceed $25 I will consider paying the shipping of both phones.

    You may contact me through a PM here on Crackberry. I'd post my email address but I already have enough spam flowing through it, I do not need more.

    09-27-12 01:41 AM
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    anyone interested?
    09-28-12 12:37 PM
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    Check your inbox
    09-29-12 09:16 PM