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    I have a storm 2 in great shape to trade for a Motorola Droid. I love my blackberry but need more consumer apps and want to go droid. The phone has the latest os and no scratches on the screen. I am also giving the innocase 2 with it obviously. I hope the droid is in good shape also. Im stationed at Fort Gordon, GA right now so thats where I would be shipping it from which would be UPS. I would need the get the droid first cause I have no phone and I need to at least have a phone available. I have a good record and I do have a good report from a phone I sold I just can't find the link but believe me it's there. I got some pics this is the best I can do with someones HD2 camera. The motorola droid needs to also have a good esn. My storm 2 has the GSM side unlocked also. So email me at : ac7658 at gmail dot com. Thanks
    07-03-10 09:44 PM
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    Still up for trading

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    07-07-10 06:28 PM
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    i would love to trade but i cant ship first as the droid is my only device as well
    07-07-10 11:06 PM