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    Item Description : BlackBerry BlackBerry Storm 2 Locked to Verizon
    Price : Trade
    Rate it : 8.0
    What it comes with : Either the Storm Box, a Torch Box, Bold 9650 Box, or a Tour Box. I'm not sure what I have laying around, but I have enough chargers and USB cables to give you everything you need. Also if you want, I have way to many of those world plugs if you need them.
    Item location : Greenwich, CT
    Shipping Details : Whatever you want
    Payment Options : Definitely will add Cash on top of Trade
    Contact Info : PM me via the forums

    I a looking to trade a Verizon Storm 2 in decent conditions (Screen is great) for a Droid X. Obviously I will pay cash on top of this trade, but you need to pick the number and I'll let you know if it's acceptable.

    This trade is for anyone with a Droid X that misses having a BlackBerry and wants to make a few bucks.

    PM me or email me gregorylkelly at yahoo.com.

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    03-20-11 10:41 PM
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    I know you wanna trade the phone for a droid, but if you still have the phone, I'm looking to buy. If you're interested, let me know about the price and we'll go from there.
    04-11-11 03:30 AM