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    Not sure how this will be received but I'd like to trade my 9900 (locked to AT&T but I purchased an unlock code that comes with it and will come with the phone), otterbox defender (I may have two of those, but one for sure, with holster) and commuter, charging base, 6 or 7 OEM batteries, a separate battery wall charger, an OEM charging cube, and anything else 9900 specific I can find for an AT&T Q10. When I get a phone I get all of the stuff I think I will need. Mine has the latest official OS (UK, as of a couple of days ago). Also comes with my Playbook, which I never use. It is the 32gb model. Comes with the BB leather case and a silicon case, and stand. The Playbook look and works as it should and bridges as it should to the 9900.

    I just pulled this phone out a few days ago; it is my spare phone (on an extra line) and doesn't get much use. I am a business user. It is not perfect, and has some little scuffs om the battery door... good condition but not mint. A couple of the keys were doing the double click thing so I ordered a new keyboard (with ribbon) two days ago that will be included. Software on it is all business: Add to, Ekboo, Call Log, the RROY bridge, and some other things I can't remember. Whatever survives a security wipe stays with the phone. It is in use now and not under contract so it has a clean, usable, ESN/IMEI. It isn't junked up. I would expect a Q10 in similar condition and with clean ESN/IMEI with charger and anything else Q10 you have (or just omit the chargers from the deal if you want). Mine will arrive wiped and without my SIM. Exchange by priority mail flat rate with tracking to a Crackberry member only.

    I like my 9900 and Playbook combo, but I just want to try the Q10 (still as spare) without extending my contract or having yet another spare phone.

    The reason I am posting here is that I have read some positive and negative reviews on the Q10, so if anyone wants to retrograde to OS7 with confidence that they will be in business with a 9900 and Playbook as soon as they get it activated, let me know.


    Charlie V
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    My PIN is 7AA34FF5
    02-04-14 11:05 AM
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    Well scratch the commuter case. I just cracked the end of it taking it off for the photo. However, I also found the other case to the right of the otterbox. It is universal but fits the 9900 perfectly and holds a couple of extra batteries. I have another leather case somewhere that slides the phone out (with a silicon-type cover for the phone) somewhere, if I can find it. It has a little window in the front of the leather case. Here is a photo of what is definitely included, plus the cube/cords, plus anything else 9900/Playbook related I can find. I have seven batteries for the phone and I think they are all in good shape, but I have so many I am not sure that I cycle through all of them. I never run out of battery in a day; in fact, I charged this phone up two days ago and kept it with me all day yesterday (just a few calls and checking email), did not charge it last night, and whatever is reflected on the picture is what it has left.

    WTT: 9900 (AT&T) for Q10-img_20140204_112100.jpg


    Charlie V
    02-04-14 11:38 AM
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    I posted I'm the wrong place... Please see... Includes alot of extras plus playbook.

    WTT: 9900 (AT&T) for Q10 - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com.

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    02-04-14 01:03 PM
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    02-04-14 02:52 PM
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    Thank you Z!
    02-04-14 05:20 PM
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    Any interest in a Z10?
    02-05-14 10:08 PM
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    Thanks for offering Jamie, but I am pretty set on the Q10 Keyboard. I replaced my 9900 keyboard with the new one (mentioned in my ad), and it works like new. Wish I could help you with the Z10, but no.


    Charlie V
    02-10-14 01:12 PM
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    Looks like no takers. No bigge; I think the Q10 is pretty neat, but I'll just use my 9900 until it quits... if it ever quits

    Best to all,

    Charlie V
    02-11-14 12:36 PM

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