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    Item Description : Barely-used 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook
    Price : Trade PlayBook + cash (amount to be discussed) for a BRAND NEW AT&T Bold 9900
    Condition : 9.5/10. I'm a huge stickler for upholding aesthetic integrity. No noticeable blemishes.
    Includes : Everything: box and accessories. Plus two powder-blue neoprene sleeves.
    Item Location : Sacramento area, California
    Shipping Details : USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal
    Contact Info : daltonstrife@yahoo.com

    Additional Info:
    1. I've had the PlayBook for about 7 months now and have probably only used it enough to justify three or four full battery charges. I don't really use it much and I'd kind of like to have a 9900 just for novelty purposes (I use an iPhone 4S and would probably only use a 9900 interchangeably when I get bored). Also, I know the PlayBook is technically used, but I'd prefer a brand new, like never used, Bold 9900 for AT&T ONLY.
    2. I've never sold anything online, so if we can strike a deal I might need some help with the whole PayPal thing and what not, haha. Sad, I know.
    3. Not really looking for any other trade; maybe for a new iPad or possibly... possibly, a brand new AT&T Torch 9860.
    08-17-12 06:59 PM