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    Item Description : VZW White iPhone 4
    Price : trade for (used) iPad2 [preferably white]
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : original box + accessories/black silicone case/bumper
    Item location : Washingtonville, NY
    Shipping Details : USPS Priority
    Payment Options : PayPal
    Contact Info : lguarino8@gmail.com (try not to PM please, Im not always signed on)

    Any additional info:

    Phone is roughly 2 months old. iOS5 IS coming on the 12th but the 9930 keeps calling my name . I'll look to go back to the BB World. I do want an iPad so I figure an iPhone for an iPad 2 is fair (maybe throw a couple dollars in there on my end if its that much of a deal breaker).

    P.S.- If you are willing to trade your iPad, it truly doesn't need to be in pristine condition. Definitely needs to work 100% and if it has a couple scratches on the back or something, no biggie.

    I apologize if the pics are a little too small. I took them with a friends phone and that's how they were emailed to me.

    Feedback: ebay: celebrity820 and http://forums.crackberry.com/marketp...sitive-477166/ <---sold a couple things on here but galpdawg is the only one to actually leave feedback
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    Pics added...

    I do have the original box not pictured...

    I'm hoping someone out there would be interested in that trade as it is the only tablet I am looking for. Thanks
    10-06-11 04:34 PM
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    Bump...ill add cash if needed

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    10-07-11 01:00 PM
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    Anyone out there in the crackberry world willing???
    10-09-11 10:24 AM