1. noodle15's Avatar
    Item Description: Verizon Droid Razr
    Price: $400 obo
    Condition: 9.5/10 Mint condition
    Includes: Everything as new. Data cable and A/C adapter unused. All documentation present.
    Item Location: Michigan
    Shipping Details: USPS Buyer's choice
    Payment Options: Paypal gift or I kindly request you pay fees.
    Contact Info: PM here or email to kylekasler@gmail dot com

    Additional information: Mint Droid Razr - no issues at all. Still has the back protective covering as well as a screen protector on the front glass. This device is awesome Comes with an OtterBox Commuter case as well as another rubber type case. Well taken care of with no blemishes. Got the phone from ibcop and I have no need for this device, I should have kept the BB.

    I will consider a trade for a Blackberry 9930 (VZW) but it must be in the same condition as this one.
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    01-12-12 06:36 PM
  2. damule6666's Avatar
    WOW, that didn't last long lol.. Missed the old 9930 pretty quick huh.
    I understand fully, i just traded My Droid Bionic for a 9930..

    If i may ask what did you not like about the Razr (if anything) or just BB withdrawals?


    01-12-12 08:56 PM
  3. noodle15's Avatar
    Nobody has a 9930 they want to trade? Or maybe willing to make an OFFER???
    01-15-12 08:51 AM
  4. ryan64093's Avatar
    I have a vzw 9930 that i am looking to sell. It is a refurb shipped to me from Verizon. Powered it on to make sure it works and that is it. Still has plastic screen protector from the factory on the screen
    01-15-12 11:55 AM
  5. noodle15's Avatar
    Come on lets get some offers here. Any more 9930's out there.
    01-15-12 03:51 PM
  6. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Email sent.
    01-17-12 03:13 PM
  7. damule6666's Avatar
    PM sent to you
    01-18-12 12:36 PM
  8. noodle15's Avatar
    Pending trade with imule. Waiting for device to arrive
    01-18-12 04:42 PM
  9. damule6666's Avatar
    Pending trade with imule. Waiting for device to arrive
    Will let you know the minute the Razr get here.

    Thanks again, Enjoy your Berry
    01-18-12 05:14 PM
  10. noodle15's Avatar
    Got the blackberry and it is as described.
    Would do business again with imule.
    01-21-12 10:29 AM
  11. damule6666's Avatar
    Razr arrived today and it was just as described.. Perfect transaction..

    Wouldn't hesitate to do business with Noodle15 again..
    01-23-12 04:51 PM