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    Item Description : Verizon Droid X..Clean ESN
    Price :350
    Rate it :8/10
    What it comes with :Phone, battery, box, manuals, 2 wall chargers, car charger, screen protectors and case
    Item location : NJ
    Shipping Details : USPS Priority
    Payment Options : PAYPAL GIFT
    Contact Info : steveferrarij@gmail.com

    Any additional info: Just recently got this Droid X, but I want to go back to a blackberry now. Phone works great. The phone it self is in great condition. Always has a screen protector on so there is no scratches on the screen. Comes will all that I listed above. Im asking 350$ or im willing to trade for a verizon blackberry. Please email me if your interested. Thanks.

    Also you can check my feedback on eBay s.ferrari12. It is 100%
    12-28-10 12:13 PM
  2. kazmi's Avatar
    sent you an email!
    12-28-10 12:44 PM
  3. Bond J's Avatar
    Sent you a PM and an email!
    12-28-10 12:51 PM
  4. safetytx's Avatar
    I have a 9650 + ACC (Check Post in Marketplace) if interested.
    12-28-10 02:05 PM
  5. s.ferrari's Avatar
    All emails and PM's responded too. No deal has been made yet!
    12-28-10 02:38 PM
  6. s.ferrari's Avatar
    Please don't message me and offer me a trade and don't include cash.
    12-28-10 07:28 PM
  7. s.ferrari's Avatar
    More Pics
    10 Char
    12-28-10 07:41 PM
  8. safetytx's Avatar
    Please don't message me and offer me a trade and don't include cash.
    You should probably mention in your OP that you wanted a "Verizon BlackBerry AND Cash".

    Just saying

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    12-28-10 07:45 PM
  9. s.ferrari's Avatar
    Thought I put it

    Just saying
    12-28-10 07:48 PM
  10. Bond J's Avatar
    You didn't though

    Just saying
    12-28-10 09:33 PM
  11. s.ferrari's Avatar
    Might as well say, the blackberry;s im interested in are storm 2 bold and tour
    12-28-10 09:41 PM
  12. s.ferrari's Avatar
    Bump...nothing serious yet
    12-29-10 07:46 PM
  13. jekadial's Avatar
    Bump...nothing serious yet
    What is required for us to finalize deal?

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    12-29-10 09:41 PM
  14. s.ferrari's Avatar
    I got a blackberry, so no more trades. I am however dropping the price down to 300$
    12-30-10 11:12 AM
  15. s.ferrari's Avatar
    SOLD..Mods Please close
    12-30-10 08:19 PM