1. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Item Description : Blackberry Bold 9650 for VZW
    Price : 325 shipped obo
    Rate it : 9/10 - Just because it has been used, perfect condition
    What it comes with : Everything OEM from new in box
    Item location : Mass 01106
    Shipping Details : UPS ground most likely
    Payment Options : Paypal or Cash
    Contact Info : Sasquatch2008@yahoo.com

    Any additional info: I am hoping to trade my BB Bold towards a Droid X or Incredible. I have another thread on here with a bunch of accessories for it for sale that I can include with any trade, please check it out. I will also sell for straight cash. Please email me with any offers you have. Thanks!

    07-24-10 12:20 AM
  2. filthy-rich's Avatar
    Can this be unlocked for AT&T?

    If so, will 3G work?
    07-24-10 06:22 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    Yes it can be unlocked, BUT no it will not be 3G, it will be EDGE and below only in North America.
    07-24-10 06:32 PM
  4. bbRedSi's Avatar
    ^^ thank you for the info!
    07-25-10 02:31 AM
  5. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Still for sale! A bunch of emails, nothing solid yet
    07-26-10 03:49 PM
  6. bbRedSi's Avatar
    For the 325 shipped ill throw in a black silicone, blue innocase snap, and a body glove full case with the phone! Thats 55-60 bucks extra with it!
    07-27-10 02:11 AM
  7. mbar9607's Avatar
    i have an incredible i may trade so my work will pay for my bill depending on what all come with the bold.... i got everything in box plus invisible shield and silicone case
    07-27-10 08:45 PM
  8. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Responded to all emails!
    07-27-10 10:26 PM
  9. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Just received a NEW warranty replacement. Still in the plastic and hasn't been activated yet! I will hold off activating it if it is sold within the next couple days so you can get a NEW unused phone! Price I'll keep at 325 shipped with the 3 cases! And for 400 shipped Ill throw in a Jawbone Icon and 2 spare OEM batteries!!
    07-28-10 12:34 PM
  10. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Gotta get this sold ASAP! UN-activated, UN-used, UN-opened, still in the plastic! I know somebody wants this and some great extras!
    07-29-10 01:00 AM
  11. bbRedSi's Avatar
    NEED to sell ASAP!! Here is what I will do, only if this goes NOWWW! $300 SHIPPED & I'll throw in an extra oem battery and a silicone case. For $350 shipped I'll do that plus include the Jawbone Icon, Seidio innocase snap, and Body Glove full case!! This is a STEAL either way you do it!! But I will only do it if this goes LIKE NOW!! lol
    07-29-10 11:48 PM
  12. kwazyjoe06's Avatar
    I send you a PM.
    07-30-10 10:17 AM
  13. bbRedSi's Avatar
    All emails/pm's replied to!
    07-30-10 09:07 PM
  14. bbRedSi's Avatar
    BB6 is around the corner! Pick this up and be ready for the upgrade!!
    07-30-10 09:39 PM
  15. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Phone is SOLD!!
    07-30-10 11:05 PM