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    Item Description: Mint condition, AT&T Bold 9900, Unlocked with Accessories
    Price: $499.99/$550.99
    Condition: 9.5 out of 10
    Includes: AT&T Bold 9900, plus accessories, see below.
    Item Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Shipping Details: USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground or UPS Next Day Air. Choice of buyer, or arrangements will be made for trades.
    Payment Options: PayPal.
    Contact Info: donald.k@me.com or PM here.
    Additional Info:
    BAM! Another bundle for sale or trade.

    This one is a little different, I'm offering two prices here.

    - BlackBerry Bold 9900 with the box, documentation, charger, USB cable and cleaning cloth.
    - One Black or White Hard Shell case, your choice.
    - One Clear Soft Shell.
    - Shipping will be $17.90, for Priority Mail, with $499.99 of Insurance.

    - BlackBerry Bold 9900 with box, documentation, charger, USB cable and cleaning cloth.
    - Two Hard Shells, one white and one black.
    - Two extra, authentic JM-1 Batteries, and as well as an external JM-1 charger with the Y-Splitter cable. One is included with the phone, for a total of three.
    - Two BlackBerry Geniune Leather Holsters.
    - Two 16GB MicroSD cards, both genuine, one from SanDisk, one from Transcend.
    - Three Generic Silicone Skin cases, one in Orange, one in Red and one in Black.
    - One clear soft shell.
    - One Case Mate Pop! Case in White.
    - One BlackBerry Geniune Leather Pocket Pouch
    - One Bold 9900 charging pod
    - One License for BerryWeather, assigned to the PIN and your email address.
    - One SGP Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector, with another already installed on the phone.
    - Free USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and $550.00 of Insurance, to any address in the US.

    The phone itself is in mint condition, without a single and has been unlocked for use on any carrier. as I mentioned, I'm including accessories that I've accumulated for the phone over time. You'll receive a total of ten cases, three batteries, two MicroSD cards and two wall chargers for the $550.00 bundle. I've offered some pretty insane bundles before, but I'm pretty sure this one takes the cake. Haha.

    I'll pack all of these things up into a Priority Mail box and send them the day after I receive payment through PayPal (sent as a gift, unless you wish to cover the additional cost of the fee), to any address in the US, and may make an exception for those in Canada, just understand shipping will be higher for Canadian addresses.

    For US buyers: This bundle will require a signature for delivery, because of the high value declared with insurance, the USPS require a signature for anything over $250.00. please ensure you or someone else will be around to take delivery.

    I'd be willing to trade for a (preferably white) iPhone 4S on AT&T, in the same condition. This would be a straight trade, as I'm currently too short on funds to be able to add anything funds wise, but looking at what I'm including, I believe it's a fair offer.

    If you have questions, feel free to get in touch via PM or emailing me, donald.k@me.com. I'll get in touch as soon as possible.

    01-28-12 12:12 PM
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    Wow I want this so bad...
    01-29-12 06:30 PM
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    Worth noting the bundle is still available. Will drop the price to $500 for anyone willing to buy on or before the 1st, including all the accessories. Price for the phone on it's is dropped to $450 from $499, Really need to move this one out of here. Hah.
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    01-30-12 10:24 AM
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    Give you a samsung nexus s and some cash
    01-31-12 01:56 PM
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    Is this still available?
    03-01-12 11:16 PM
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    Email sent
    03-02-12 11:08 AM
  7. ckinglam's Avatar
    What's happening with this? Havne't heard back from seller.
    03-04-12 10:07 PM