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    Item Description : BlackBerry Bold 9650
    Price : $180
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : Charger, 8GB SD card and a silicon cover
    Item location : Seattle Washington
    Shipping Details : $6 Flat rate
    Payment Options : PayPal or local meet up
    Contact Info : email at kaseycohen@gmail.com

    Item Description : HTC EVO
    Price : $180
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : Charger, screen protector, 8GB SD card and silicon cover
    Item location : Seattle Washington
    Shipping Details : $6 flat rate
    Payment Options : PayPal
    Contact Info : email at kaseycohen@gmail.com

    Any additional info: Alright so I have a blackberry 9650 and an HTC evo, I like both phones and I have to choose one, both have clean esn#s and I can give you the esn # if you are seriously interested in buying the phone, They both come with what is listed above and nothing else, the only reason why I gave them 9/10 is the fact that I don't have the box and manuals and other junk but the phones are in very nice condition. So which ever phone sells first is the one I am going to sell and the other phone I am going to keep. My asking price is pretty firm, because these are both nice phones however I will accept trades if it comes down to that. I already have a positive feed back on these forums from a previous sale so you can feel confident in buying from me. If you would like more pictures let me know, I only took one of the phones really quickly. Thanks.

    EDIT: I see I have gotten a lot of peoples attention but no bites, if you have an offer shoot me an email. Hope that sounds better.
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    I'm just giving this a bump, I want to sell one of these phones!

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    07-21-11 08:37 PM
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    Alright maybe my asking price is a little high, email me an offer. I'm becoming more and more flexible with the price.
    07-23-11 01:43 AM
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    Please do not edit the original post, under any circumstances.
    07-23-11 11:03 AM
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    Yeah thanks got it, see my other two posts below it? I had already caught myself, quick to the draw I see.
    07-23-11 10:28 PM
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    He wasn't... your next post was a bump, not a correction to the original post
    07-24-11 04:18 PM
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    ...And my next post? Or does that one not count? Just curious.
    07-25-11 01:34 AM
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    Anyways enough jibber jabber, I sold one of the phones so could a mod please lock this forum? Thanks
    07-25-11 07:00 PM