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    Item Description : Verizon Motorola Droid X + Lots of accessories
    Price : 395 shipped or best offer for phone alone. 130 shipped obo for accessories. Or 485 shipped or best offer for the package
    Rate it : 9.5 out of 10 (just because it has been used, looks brand new)
    What it comes with : Everything from new + lots of extras
    Item location : Massachusetts
    Shipping Details : Shipping included in price
    Payment Options : Paypal or cashhh
    Contact Info : Best way to contact me is to email me: BrandonSBoyer@gmail.com

    Any additional info: I want to trade my Motorola Droid X for another phone plus cash. I will sell the phone outright as well if it comes to that. Here is a list of everything I have.....

    *Motorola Droid X - Not a single scratch or ding on the phone, it looks 100% brand new. It comes with everything included from new with whatever was in the box

    *Extra accessories -
    - Verizon 1930 mAh extended battery w/door
    - Motorola branded Car Dock w/car charger included
    - Motorola branded HDMI cable
    - Platinum (Seidio) Case/Holster combo
    - Verizon Shell/Holster combo
    - Verizon Blue High gloss silicone
    - Verizon Black High gloss silicone
    - Verizon Black regular silicone
    - Verizon Plastic clip holster
    - Green snap on case
    - Clear snap on case

    ALL the accessories are in EXC condition as well, just the green case and black HG silicone have a little minor wear on them, just being 100% honest, the others all look like they just came out of the box!! This is over 250 dollars worth of accessories all together!

    I prefer to sell/trade it all as one big package, but will split up if necessary. I'm open to trade offers for a phone plus cash (Tour, Bold, Droid, Storm2, etc etc) (ONLY VERIZON PHONES PLEASE!! I have NO use for any other type). Will sell the package for 485 shipped or best offer! Phone alone for 395 shipped or best offer! Accessory package for 130 shipped or best offer!

    Please PM or EMAIL me with any questions or offers you have! (once again email is: BrandonSBoyer@gmail.com ) I really would prefer to get this deal done ASAP!! Thanks!

    10-26-10 07:46 PM
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    Note: It is just dust on the phone in the pictures. And the clear case just has stickers on it, they come right off if you don't like the "X" design I made on it lol
    10-26-10 07:47 PM
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    Sent you a PM.
    10-26-10 09:50 PM
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    All PMs and Emails have been replied to! Please everybody, when sending me an email with an offer, be specific on what you are proposing for trade. I received numerous emails asking me if I am interested in a trade, YES I am interested or I wouldn't have made this post, but please detail what exactly you are offering for a trade.

    Thank you very much CB! And lets get this deal done SOON!!
    10-27-10 11:02 AM
  5. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Would like to get this deal done TONIGHT!
    make me an offer I can't say no to!
    I am negotiable!!
    10-27-10 08:21 PM
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    How much cash are you wanting with an Inc?

    Droid Inc
    Black Case
    Carbon fiber Skin
    Screen Protector
    Original Battery
    Seidio Extended Battery
    (I can included the Full Docs to Go apps if you want as well)
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    10-27-10 08:25 PM
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    PHONE is SOLD! Accessories are still avail! but I doubt anyone on this forum is going to want them! someone email me if you are interested in them tho! thanks!
    10-27-10 10:47 PM