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    Item Description : WTS/WTT: Motorola Droid RAZR *MINT* w/Tons of Accessories
    Price : $500.00 USD - Or Trade for a Verizon Galaxy Nexus
    Rate it : 9.6/10
    What it comes with : Box and all of its original contents including: phone, USB cord/charging cable, wall charging plug, 16gb SD card, and manual. The sale also includes an OEM Car Navigation/Music Dock, an OEM HD Desktop Dock (without box), a Verizon Leather Holster, a silicone case, a Verizon case with stand and holster, a Verizon screen protector, and a screen protector that's installed aready.
    Item location : Marion, IL
    Shipping Details : Free USPS Priority shipping; $5 for UPS Ground (you pick the shipping)
    Payment Options : PayPal - GIFT ONLY (I understand if you want the protection of it being as a purchase, if this is the case, I ask that you cover the PayPal fees)
    Contact Info : email at awwilson6882@gmail.com

    Any additional info : This phone is in mint condition. I've had absolutely no technical issues with it, no random reboots, no black screen, no dead pixels or anything. As stated above, all of those accessories are included. All of them are mint condition, however, the only one that comes with the original box is the Car Dock.

    What I'm Looking For In A Trade : The only thing I would trade it for is a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I would want the phone, box, and all original accessories in mint condition. If you have one and are interested, shoot me an email. I would do a straight up trade, everything I have here for your goods, and we would pay our own shipping.

    Check out my feedback here and on eBay under Wildo6882. I've got a great track record in selling!

    I'm definitely willing to negotiate and wheel and deal, but only for legitimate and reasonable offers, please. The price is pretty firm due to the extent of accessories that come along with the mint phone.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and let me know if you're interested. Thanks for looking.
    12-22-11 03:42 PM
  2. GardenStatementNJ's Avatar
    PM'd u on Android Central. im interested
    12-22-11 06:27 PM
  3. Wildo6882's Avatar
    PM'd u on Android Central. im interested
    Just replied to you on AC. Let me know what you think.
    12-22-11 10:41 PM
  4. LSglock89's Avatar
    That didn't take long Andrew. Good luck with the sale.

    Great seller here folks.
    12-23-11 10:32 AM
  5. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Looks like I have a deal for a Nexus. But please keep it open until the deal is finalized.

    If anyone is interested, I do have another RAZR that I may be selling once I get the Nexus in (can't sell it now - I'll be phone-less). It has an Otterbox Commuter, SGP Steinheil Ultra Crystal Screen Protectors, and a TPU case.
    12-23-11 02:32 PM
  6. myfirstberry8100's Avatar
    Can this phone be used on GSM networks with SIM card? if so whats the quote?
    12-26-11 10:53 AM
  7. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Can this phone be used on GSM networks with SIM card? if so whats the quote?
    I'm not sure about that. I don't think so, but you'd have to ask someone with more knowledge on the subject other than me.
    12-27-11 10:05 AM
  8. Wildo6882's Avatar

    Still have a trade pending for the Nexus. If anyone has a mint Verizon iPhone 4S in black (preferably 32gb - would also consider a 16gb 4S) that they would be willing to trade for the other RAZR, please contact me via email or respond to this thread (would also consider a 16gb iPad 2).

    As stated above I have two RAZRs available, and my other RAZR has all original accessories, box, OtterBox Commuter, a Verizon leather holster, a TPU (Disztronic) black case, and SGP Steinheil Ultra Crystal screen protectors.
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    12-27-11 10:23 AM
  9. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Trade has been completed, but please keep it open until we both receive our products. We both have shipped, but it won't be until next week for it to be finalized.

    As I stated above, I do still have an additional RAZR available. Once I get my Nexus, I'll get some pictures up, but please feel free to email me for additional details.

    12-30-11 11:13 AM