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    Item: G'zOne Commando Like New in Box
    Rate: 9.5/10
    Price: $220 SHIPPED Priority w/ Tracking
    TRADE: Droid X2 plus Cash or Razr
    Includes: All Original Accessories, 8GB SD Card, Box
    Shipping: USPS Priority Mail
    Payment: Paypal
    Contact: TSHR1439@insightbb.com
    Feedback: In Sig

    Other: My buddy bought this Commando 3 days ago. He used it for (1) day. He bought it brand new in box from an Authorize dealer. He is wanting to sell or trade it to avoid the restocking fee. He bought is since we are on the Fire Dept but just didnt fit him. HE would really like to trade but will sell as well. Trades are listed above. If you have other ideas feel free to send your offers. Thanks Nick (I do have possession of the phone).

    07-14-12 02:33 PM
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    BUMP ...... Offers welcome
    07-16-12 06:43 PM
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    Bump ... Looking for trades for my buddy.
    07-19-12 09:00 PM
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    Still looking .... X2+cash ... Razr .... Rezound ....Let me know .
    07-21-12 09:24 PM
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    Up To The top ..
    07-24-12 04:09 PM
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    Bump for trades or offers.
    07-27-12 09:43 AM