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    Thread title: Ipod Touch 8GB AS IS
    Item Description :
    Price : $70 OBO. (send me an offer)
    Condition : Fair Cosmetic Condition. Name graved on the back
    Includes : Ipod & Case (No cable)
    Item Location : Torrance, CA.
    Shipping Details : Free if its the price I requested. Otherwise its ($6)
    Payment Options : Paypay (Gift or Pay the Fees)
    Contact Info : alejandra.samayoag (at) gmail . com
    Additional Info:

    Long story short. A person gave me this as a payment of a $100 debt. He didnt gave me a cable. The device turns on but freezes on the start screen. (see pictures) I'm not sure this works. I dont know how to fix it. Too busy to attempt to fix this thing.

    I'm selling it AS IS. NO returns. Might be useful for parts. Maybe you can fix it. Would post at iMore but I'm not a member there and I just cant be bothered.

    I repeat: I'm selling this for parts. I dont know if it works or if its an easy fix. I just wanna recover some of the money.
    08-20-12 11:13 PM
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    Item has been sold, Close the thread please.
    09-24-12 09:00 AM